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Percussion Video

This percussion video will introduce your students to the Timpani. Listen to the sound of this thunderous hemispherical drum as 3 musicians play 4 drums each!

Percussion Family Flashcards

To reinforce your lesson on the percussion family, print these simple flashcards. Students can use them in the traditional way, or try incorporating one of these ideas:

  1. Print two sets and challenge students to find their other half.
  2. Have students only use sound to describe the percussion instrument on their card.
  3. Have students put the cards in order of their favorite percussion instrument sound.

Percussion Family

After watching The WSO Percussion Musicians, create your own smaller percussion instrument- a pair of maracas!

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Middle / Jr. High

MidSummer Masterclass- Clarinet

Dr. Tiffany Valvo led local student musicians in a virtual class this summer that is too good not to share. If you have a clarinet student, take a look at this incredible set of lesson plans to assist your student musician with technique, practice routines, and much more.

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Deciding to Major in Music

Moving Your Love of Music From High School Into Your College Years