Strings Attached: An Encore Affairs Auction

Rhapsody in Blue

by Michael Jones

When I was invited to participate, I was so very honored...
I knew I wanted to make it happy, whimsical, and colorful.  
Suddenly, I thought about "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin.  I would do different colors and shades of blue!
As I was applying the various layers of different paint, I remembered a beautiful brocaded Colonial-era waistcoat I had seen in an exhibit, and I decided to add in some silver swirls to evoke that elegant royal feeling.

About the artist:

Upon graduating with a degree in English Writing and German from George Mason University, Michael set about building a career for himself in the nonprofit sector.
He works mainly in acrylics on canvas, taking his inspiration from things he sees every day. No matter the source, the result must be colorful, bold, and it should spark joy.  When Michael isn’t making magical artwork, he also serves as the Art Center Manager for the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center in Williamsburg, VA.
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Starry Night at the Symphony

by Bob Oller

Williamsburg based artist, Bob Oller creates in a variety of media, crafting whimsical trees, landscapes, people and animals into pieces of fine art. His creative mind and prolific energy has filled his studio, art galleries and collector’s walls with art from Williamsburg, Paris, the Caribbean, Cuba.... Many say in wonder “...all out of one mind!” Bob Oller, Born in Western Kentucky, raised in Central Florida and a resident of Williamsburg, Virginia for over 30 years was trained in fine arts, graphic design and illustration at the University of Central Florida. He has spent his life focused on creating images for the commercial and fine arts world.…A sense of humor and a passion for engaging art is his signature. ”It’s not the media but the creative mind that draws your eye... My hope is that my art tells a story you love and engages your imagination, allowing you to add creative details...connecting you to the art. I hope you enjoy.

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Colonial Williamsburg

by Bob Carlson

I chose to paint a Colonial Williamsburg themed instrument.  The convex surfaces of the front and back were definitely a challenge for me, as were the meandering sides (the bout), neck, and scroll. Safely securing it to my easel and elsewhere as I worked on it was similarly challenging yet necessary.  This was definitely not the flat taut yet flexible rectangle I am used to applying paint to.

Once all surfaces were complete, I varnished it; and after letting it dry for several days, I reassembled the viola.  Although I will stick with more traditional surfaces in the future, I am pleased with my viola and found it a satisfying challenge. I am also very happy to support the WSO, a most worthwhile cause.

About the artist:

MFA, Painting, the Catholic University of America, 1977
BA, Studio Art, the University of Maryland,
The artist's collections can be seen across the Peninsula, Washington DC, and Maryland.

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Koi Ballet

by Catherine Minga

Koi fish have always attracted me by their beautiful colors and fluid motion when swimming. I used the shape of the violin to guide me in the composition of the water movement and fish. The end result gives the viewer a sense of a beautiful ballet of movements to soothing violin music.

From the artist:

A bit about me, I am a 1983 graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. I have worked in the art field my entire adult life- as a graphic designer, mural painter & portrait artist. My husband and I moved to Williamsburg 5 years ago and I have enjoyed the wonderful opportunities that are available to the large community of artists that reside here.
You may view some of my paintings on my website: and Instagram at

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