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For members of our news media family. Find information here on our official Brand Style Guide as well as approved, high-resolution images for press and collaboration use.

Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra Brand Style Guide

The brand guidelines of The WSO define its editorial and visual standards and provide access to official, high-resolution artwork for members of our news media family. Below, find information on our color scheme, fonts, editorial guidelines, and logo variations.

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Our Colors

Primary Color Scheme:


HSV: 357, 89, 69
RGBA: 175, 19, 28, 100
HEX: #af131c

Dark Slate Gray

HSV: 357, 89, 69
RGBA: 175, 19, 28, 100
HEX: #3e3e3f


HSV: 0, 0, 100
RGBA: 255, 255, 255, 100
HEX: #ffffff


HSV: 0, 0, 0
RGBA: 0, 0, 0, 100
HEX: #000000

Alternate Colors:

Dark Red

HSV: 358, 91, 58
RGB: 148, 13, 18
HEX: #940d12


HSV: 359, 93, 53
RGB: 134, 9, 12
HEX: #86090c

Dark Maroon

HSV: 1, 97, 47
RGB: 121, 6, 4
HEX: #790604

Various shades of light gray in conjunction with our color scheme are approved in order to create the necessary contrast.

Our Fonts

The following fonts are used in our logo. LHR Encore Regular is also used for our WSO icon. We thank you for incorporating these fonts where appropriate.


Font: LHR Encore Regular


Font: Sweet Sans

Our Symphony!

Font: Alex Brush

Editorial Styling Guidelines

Our brand standard should reflect a capitalized "T" in
The Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra.
Proper usage also includes the abbreviated name, "The WSO".

Logo Variations

Select the logo below to view in high-resolution.


Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra Logo RBG


Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra Logo White


Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra Logo Black on White

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